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Streaming TWD Season 1 - Chapter 3


Pojingu’s Twitch

A little later than I thought, but in just a minute I’m going to start streaming to tune in on my channel if you want to watch it and listen to my laugh and cry!

"Meet me at the bar. I’m buying."



The exact moment I fell in love with Anders

those hands on the hips though
"well fuck i-… hmm well…oh dear…"

Streaming TWD Season 1 - Chapter 2


Just finished chapter one on TWD Season 1, and now I’m taking a late lunch break to refill my energy before continuing with chapter 2. I’m planning on making it through at least 2 chapters, hopefully 3 before calling it a day.

Join my stream in about 10-15mins for when I continue playing TWD season 1!


In about 15mins, at 13:00 (GTM+2) I’m going stream me trying to play as for as possible on The Walking Dead game from Telltale. I’m doing this as the last chapter of season 2 comes out on PC today and I’m going to stream me playing through both of the games plus the 400days DLC.

So I will probably stream for about 2-4 days, depending on how far I get each day.

Join in at Channel Pojingu

I got 3 beta keys for Nosgoth today. I gave away two of them already and I don’t know what to do with the remaining one… so I’m posting it here! First come first served, enjoy :D



Some of my favorite moments from this past weekend’s Space Dandy episode, "Rock & Roll Dandy, Baby" Along w/ some official model sheets of  Johnny, the leader of the Gycro Empire



This is something that was bugging me a little bit so, as always, I’ve decided to make an infograph. 

Maybe other artists disagree, but when I ask for a request, it’s a fun game. You give me a suggestion and I build on it. It’s a team project. You don’t know what you’re going to get.

If your request takes longer than 3 sentences to describe, it’s not a request. It’s a commission. It’s something so specific, the artist will essentially be working for your specific scene for free.

And of course - DO NOT REQUEST THAT AN ARTIST DRAW YOU SOMETHING if you don’t see that they are specifically accepting requests.

People have been requesting free art from us our whole lives. We’ve had plenty of that. If we want to draw you free stuff, we’ll let ya know. Don’t just assume we have free time - just like you wouldn’t come up to a doctor at a grocery store and ask them to examine your twisted ankle.

Unless you’re a person who does that… in which case… don’t do that either.

I’d like to remind people that this goes for writing requests, too.

And if an artist or writer has a list of “what I do/don’t do” then please respect that.